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Join us and help build the future.

At Lighthouse we’re building a company that pursues an ambitious purpose: revolutionising construction to build homes of unparalleled quality with excellent sustainability characteristics in a way that is more efficient and rapid than traditional methods of construction. Our team and culture are our number one priority in order to achieve this.

Our aim is to make your time at Lighthouse the highlight of your career. Our company’s mission is very ambitious and this is reflected in the people that come to work with us; we are a group of hardworking, passionate and, above all, inclusively-minded individuals. We foster a positive and supportive working environment at all times as we know this helps people do their best work, successfully grow and develop, and - most importantly - enjoy their time at Lighthouse.

lighthouse careers
lighthouse careers

We encourage people in all roles and at all levels of the organisation to contribute with ideas and input; everybody has a voice at the table. Some of the company’s best initiatives have originated from junior team members or “unexpected” sources. We also encourage continuous learning by providing a free library stocked with books, extensive training, 360 feedback and other perks such as a monthly Amazon Audible account for all employees.

We work as a team, have a strict no ****hole policy - yes, really (!) and focus on professional development and career progression. We operate a supportive environment but still have the respect for one another to provide constructive feedback, which we seek to grow from.

If this sounds up your street then please get in touch. And if you think you could offer something to the company in a role that is not being advertised then please also contact us to start a conversation.

How we work

Principles & Pillars


Constantly improve performance and process. Adopt a growth mindset.


Seek value, do more with less, be disciplined.


Own what you do, always be transparent, feel empowered.


Embrace our differences, trust, respect and help one another.


Find better and smarter ways of doing things. Experiment. Learn.