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What We Do

Lighthouse manufactures high-quality houses, apartments and bungalows on our production lines in our facility in Sheffield. We are modular manufacturers and therefore our homes consist of typically two or more modules which are delivered to site on lorries, craned into position, connected and finished. 

Since we believe in the power of a modular approach we do two things: 1) Build our modules volumetrically (meaning they are 3D boxes – also known as “Category 1 MMC”) and 2) always aim for the highest PMV (meaning Pre-Manufactured Value – the proportion of total works that are completed in the factory). We aim for PMV of 90%+ in our projects. 

We also believe in sustainability. As such, all our homes are manufactured using timber – a natural, sustainable, versatile and durable material for construction. We also choose sustainable products for other parts of the build where available. 

We are able to provide standard house and apartment types. We can also design bespoke properties for your projects. In all cases early design engagement with us is critical for project success. We can guide you through the early RIBA stages and also perform these services for you. 

We offer a range of standard house and apartment types, but we’re also happy to design bespoke properties to suit your specific needs. In all cases, early design engagement is key to project success, so we’re here to guide you through the early RIBA stages or perform these services for you.

In addition to manufacturing your home, we can also provide a turnkey service that includes groundworks and civils.

Our goal is to make the building process as seamless as possible, so you can focus on your goals – whether that’s providing much-needed housing for a community or delivering a profitable project.